A personal message
from Daphne…

“It’s not who you are that’s holding you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”


To  empower every person who silently suffers personally, professionally or relationally with “I’M NOT ______ ENOUGH” syndrome through right-action exercises and accountability that instills confidence and builds self-esteem reconnecting individuals to a life lived within possibility and promise, not lack and limitation.



Make this your
“Year of Yes!”


# 1) INTROSPECTION: We first gain insight with a science-based personality test answering the age-old question: Who am I really?

# 2) RIGHT-ACTION EXERCISES and ACCOUNTABILITY:  Building on personality-type we identify strengths, blindspots and gaps. Only then is the truth revealed and, that truth shall set you free.

# 3) DISRUPT LIMITING BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS: We establish individualized and meaningful patterns of thinking in alignment with the essence, the life goals and objectives of the individual. Knowing who you are, what’s working, what’s not is both liberating and empowering. It instills confidence that feeds self-esteem bringing to life a self-image living with possibility and promise. It can literally change the trajectory of one’s life.

Programs We Offer

It's an Inside Job - Online Workshop

You know how we sometimes crave spontaneity, adventure and, fun? You know, that desire to unleash and show your wild side? Yet when we try, there can be a disconnect followed by a blatant awkwardness. So, we shut down and retreat to our comfort zones. This is a real scenario for millions of people worldwide and it creates immense chaos in ourselves and in our lives.

We have the way to reconnect you to life’s abundant playground.  And, when you understand this one simple yet profound truth, you will be set free. First of all, it’s not something you will find “out there”; rather it is an inside job so please stop chasing those elusive antidotes.

You are your only solution and if the motivation is there, I’m going to be upfront with you:

* Our program teaches you that it’s not who you are that is holding you back, rather it’s who you think you’re not.

* “It’s an Inside Job” work-shop is the best option you can take to uncover, disrupt, recalibrate and reconnect by learning about your own ‘living’ strategies and then implementing techniques that keep you aligned.

So if this is your “YEAR of YES!” and you are serious about creating positive change whether financial, physical, relational or professional, then this is your greatest opportunity.

You can’t expect change to happen in your life; until you do.

Your Enneagram Journey to Greater Self Knowledge

A powerful, scientifically validated framework with ancient roots that speaks to the age-old questions of being human, still relevant today – “Who am I really?” “What motivates me and how can I feel more fulfilled?” “Why does change sometimes seem so hard for me?”

The answers to these lie in the integrative relationship between self-awareness, personal effectiveness, and your relationships. By introducing the deeper layers of behaviour, personality, defences, motivations, anxiety and fear, the Enneagram model will identify that a person’s main identifying characteristic is usually what leads to their undoing.  That each personality’s greatest “strength” can also be its “fatal flaw” or most significant obstacle in life.

* On this journey, you will uncover the patterns of behaviour that subconsciously drive and motivate you to act in certain ways.

* Explore not only what is holding you back, but gain the insights necessary to journey towards strength and liberation, connecting you to your strengths and higher self.

*This integrative Enneagram is a sense-making tool that enables the development of self-knowledge and meta-awareness.

This is truly your “YEAR of YES!”, don’t you think it’s time to “catch yourself” in the game that is stifling your growth? “If we as human beings are unable to express real feelings, we are unavailable for real human connection.”


What do you really want out of life? Is there a challenge you want to overcome? Better health? Time and money freedom? To crush your fears? To step out and go after that one thing that has eluded you? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to crack the code and make this your “YEAR of HELL YES!!”

Join us for 6 months of study from your LIVING RESOURCE MANUAL alongside Bob Proctor a world-renowned Thought Leader widely known for this role in the movie “The Secret” and myself as your guide. “I’ll make suggestions; you make decisions.”

This immersive 6 months is about crafting awesomeness. It’s about showing up. It’s about self-image and dispelling emotions associated with lack, limitation, fear, anxiety and doubt. It’s about divorcing those thoughts that hi-jack our right to joy. It’s about emotional neutrality… what a concept! It’s about setting the mind and understanding that success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy. It’s about putting an end to the struggle.

It’s about your significance. It’s about “…who you think you’re not.” It’s about disruption.  It’s about restoration and laying down new tracks. It’s about believing in yourself which ultimately will inspire confidence in others. It’s about making decisions about what you need to let go of. It’s about taking the emotional trash to the curb and leaving it there, done!  TIR will wake you up, condition your conscious/subconscious by changing your thoughts and by doing so will change the trajectory of your life!


Let’s start. What is awareness? Well, there are several descriptive words: knowledgeable, cognizant, acquainted with, mindful, awake, observant, cautious, enlightened, posted, up-to-date. When we made our debut on planet earth, our awareness was limited to the activities that went on in our immediate surroundings. That is, at home and as we got a little older, our awareness expanded through our schooling experiences, it expanded through our experiences with clubs, sports, church, interest groups, stories and learning of our individual cultures and family histories.

These experiences are necessary however, there is a great flaw in all of this. If you look back at the last few sentences and think about it, all of the information, data, advice, instruction, teachings were coming from someone or somewhere else. That is, the external environment. Outside of us. This is just the way it is in our little life. In fact, during our little life, we have no experience on which to draw contrast and base our own decisions on. So what happens? Well, we absorb and to some degree become bloated with other people’s thoughts, actions/habits, beliefs, concepts, ideas, perceptions, etc.

We essentially, “buy-in” and adopt these as our own. Later in life however, this can create a lot of chaos and disconnection with self, with our truth. Why? Because as you develop and advance through life, YOU now have past and present experiences and you apply your perception to them. Now, you have experience to draw contrast. You come from the place of having developed a filter that allows you to frame personal preferences and make your own decisions.

As we study ourselves, our awareness expands and we realize that we are in control and not passive victims. Nobody holds that power over you. Stand up for what you believe in and authenticate yourself in the process.  

Think it over. Make some notes on behaviours, beliefs, habits and thoughts you have adopted that are hindering you from living the life you really want.

Always remember that you are a magnificent and most remarkable living being capable of many great things. Starting today, I want you to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy. YOU are in control and I encourage you to work on the resurgence of your truth.


Perhaps there was or will be that time when you sit back and say with a deep exhale, “I screwed up”…. but hey! you owned it. Now, some time has passed and maybe you are struggling to come to terms with what exactly happened. What went wrong where and moving forward… now what?

First things first. We are human beings and we are going to make mistakes. That’s called life: working, operating, functioning, perceiving, endeavoring, consequences and results. Listen, life is a comprehensive “road trip” built upon course correction after course correction and modifications along the way. Listen, if we’re not moving forward…. advancing, we are moving backward. That is, we are either creating or disintegrating. Disintegration is not an option.

So, those circumstances are part of our essential growth no matter what stage of life we are in. Literally, we fail our way forward. Failure or life’s shortcomings yield us contrast. In the context of contrast, we make decisions. Those decisions are the axis point and whatever you chose, is crucial.

Whatever the decision, understand that it is mostly based upon your current operating system. That is your beliefs, values, and your past experiences.  If it was a wrong decision and dug you deeper, your values are mixed up due to the operating system.

Question to ask yourself: was it something I did knowing right from wrong at the onset? OR was it purely accidental?

This is where you must have a “truth session” with yourself and begin to unravel. This is the starting point. A blameless autopsy of the circumstance before you. If it was done on purpose that is you knew it was wrong at the onset then YUP, your values are mixed up and you need to step back and re-evaluate your core values and beliefs. It’s time for a course correction.

But what happens when life throws us a curveball? Where we are being challenged by a circumstance where we meant well from the onset and conducted ourselves with integrity?

Understand that in every situation, there is a space between the situation (or circumstance) and how you respond to it. And in that space, you make a choice (decision) of how you are going to respond. We either respond or we react.

If you react you have lost control. Respond and you are in control. We have to learn to quit reacting. How? by understanding and studying ourselves.

I study every day. I study my paradigms, how I think and I diligently work on the creative quality of my life. I am in complete control and I live a stunning life.

Because of my daily studies, I am very well educated in this area. I’m not going to let someone or something upset me and if I see I’m starting to get drawn in, I’ll stop it right away because it’s a dumb game and it’s a game that you can’t win.

You can’t put anybody else in charge of yourself. That would be like living in a pool of piranhas and you’re going to get bit. You have to take charge of yourself and live from (respond) emotional neutrality”. What a concept!!

We have the ability to do and think anything. To originate ideas and fulfill those ideas, concepts, and creations. We are dynamos. We just don’t understand it fully.

Start every day with this affirmation: “If circumstance today does not serve me, grow me or make me happy – OUT!” And, when you say “OUT!” wave your arm like are conducting an orchestra. Sweep it away from your body.

Control the controllables. That’s it. Take responsibility and do what is necessary to see it through fused to your values and beliefs.

If the challenge at hand was something you knew better not to do, you know that your values are mixed up due to your operating system. Time for modification.

If it was an accident, misjudgment… get it the hell outside of you. It is something outside of you… it is called a circumstance…. that is, it is tangible. It is not who you are nor does it define you today, tomorrow, or ever.

You are a magnificent being, never forget that. Get back up, brush yourself off and fail your way forward. Enjoy the journey!


If we continue to turn a shoulder to our ambitions and to the things that bring us pure joy, over time our intrinsic truth will become unrecognizable to us. When this happens, we lean into our external environments for validation, guidance, and fulfillment. We operate tethered to our 5 senses: see, hear, smell, taste and touch. But understand this, when we live mostly through our sensory world, we become a plaything to circumstance. It’s a slippery slope. How so? Because you are always reacting to that which the external environment tosses your way. You have no control.

When you are intertwined in your intrinsic truth, however, it’s a whole new experience. YOU stand in your authenticity fused in your inherent power and from this place, you respond to that which the external environment tosses your way. That is, you are in control.

Trouble is, if we don’t step outside our comfort zones and embrace our life ambitions and, if we don’t get out of our own way and out from beneath the layers and years of conditioning, we will never truly know our gifts. Thus, where we are and where we want to go becomes a near impossible journey and our dreams, aspirations, talents and abilities continue to lie dormant inside us.

Understand that none of this is about motivation nor is it about inspiration. It is about setting the mind that is, the way you think. It’s about re-framing your thoughts. To experience different you must do different because if nothing changes…. nothing changes.  And to add fuel to that fire, we repeat what we don’t repair. Here are a couple of questions for you:

Question 1: are you living a purposeful life?
Question 2 : do you know what your purpose is?

Well, the answer lies in your testimony. Your purpose is not something outside you… it’s not something you go out and  find.  It is you, now.  It’s your inner tapestry.  It’s your passion.  It’s what brings you joy.  It’s what lights you up. It’s your intrinsic truth in action.  Whether you are in alignment is the big question.  The answers to the following questions will provide you a hint:  Are you happy? Are you grateful? Do you start your day with an unwavering enthusiasm? Do you believe you are living an abundant life? Do you believe you are living your best life?  Do you strive for good health? Do you have great friendships? Are you productive in your workplace? Do you even like going to work? Are you prosperous? Do you feel harmonized with life or is life a struggle (that is, you experience more than your share of resistance)?

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these 10 questions and you feel there has got to be more to life, then you are stuck.  This is where it all starts and it is the most amazing journey you undergo as you wipe the slate clean and say YES! to fully participating in your life.  This first step puts you back in control with your greatest asset: living your truth.

Let's not go to the grave with the music still in us. Instead, make this your "YEAR of YES!"

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