“Change your thinking and you change the trajectory of your life. Seriously.”


It starts with your vision: a new concept of your – ‘self’.  That is, how you really want to BE.  What you really want out of life. Is it a challenge you want to overcome? To secure time and money freedom?  Better health?  A flawless self-image?  To crush your fears?  To step out and go after that one thing that has eluded you?  Or to re-introduce you to your life purpose?  This vision becomes my mission… to guide you there.

On this journey, you will hold and study from a REPEATABLE LIVING RESOURCE called THINKING into RESULTS.   It becomes your LIFE MANUAL from which you work to define and envelop your life ambitions that scale with you as you grow today–tomorrow–five, ten years from now… forever.  It is a priceless resource, as are you.

HOW?  Well, it’s about YOU consciously/ subconsciously.  It’s about believing that you are enough, always have been.  It’s about instilling ideas that will substantially improve and enrich your life and your bottom line.  It’s about awareness. It’s about doing exercises that will fuel your mind and stimulate a stunning new concept of self.

Did you know that from a physiologically standpoint, we function by way of an intricate system of currents?  Life circuits if you will, energy. These circuits must synapse to unveil our inherent potential. If they don’t make that connection and if they don’t complete the circuit, we are left with something called resting potential. That is potential that lies dormant within us.  Stalemate, obstructed, blocked.  These conditions choke our dreams. They close the door on our heart’s desires, our ambitions and our inherent thirst for living. But you aren’t going down that path.  No.

For 6 months you will study from your LIVING RESOURCE MANUAL
alongside Bob Proctor, a world-renowned Thought Leader widely known
for his role in the movie “The Secret” and myself as your guide.

I’ll make suggestions; you make decisions.

This multifaceted study is also about crafting awesomeness.  It’s about showing up.  It’s about self-image and dispelling emotions associated with lack, limitation, fear, anxiety and doubt.  It’s about divorcing those thoughts that hi-jack our right to joy.  It’s about emotional neutrality… what a concept!  It’s about setting the mind and understanding that success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy.  It’s about putting an end to the struggle.

It’s about your significance.  It’s about your thinking from a new concept/version of self.  It’s about… “who you think you’re not”.  It’s about restoration and laying down new tracks.  It’s about believing in yourself which ultimately will inspire confidence in others. It’s about making decisions about what you need to let go of.  It’s about taking the emotional trash to the curb and leaving it there, done! Listen, condition your conscious and subconscious by changing your thoughts and there isn’t anything that you cannot have.


Our Unparalleled Growth Programs



A thorough 6-month guided study of YOU. Your ambitions, your future and what has held you back from living the life you intuitively know you were meant to live. This is your antidote to prosperous living in alignment with your vision and goals. Available in either PDF or digital format.


YEAR of YES! Living Affirmation


1:1 with Daphne where you craft an exclusive, untamed life-script that exudes your free-will and focuses on what you really want out of life. This script produces an immediate shift in self-image, self-esteem and confidence by taking on a stunning life inside you. It becomes your living truth! Change the conversation with self and you change the trajectory of your life. Put an end to your unspoken struggle and connect to the extraordinary life you are meant to live.

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If we continue to turn a shoulder to our ambitions and to the things that bring us pure joy, over time our intrinsic truth will become unrecognizable to us. When this happens, we lean into our external environments for validation, guidance, and fulfillment. We operate tethered to our 5 senses: see, hear, smell, taste and touch. But understand this, when we live mostly through our sensory world, we become a plaything to circumstance. It’s a slippery slope. How so? Because you are always reacting to that which the external environment tosses your way. You have no control.

When you are intertwined in your intrinsic truth, however, it’s a whole new experience. YOU stand in your authenticity fused in your inherent power and from this place, you respond to that which the external environment tosses your way. That is, you are in control.

Trouble is, if we don’t step outside our comfort zones and embrace our life ambitions and, if we don’t get out of our own way and out from beneath the layers and years of conditioning, we will never truly know our gifts. Thus, where we are and where we want to go becomes a near impossible journey and our dreams, aspirations, talents and abilities continue to lie dormant inside us.

Understand that none of this is about motivation nor is it about inspiration. It is about setting the mind that is, the way you think. It’s about re-framing your thoughts. To experience different you must do different because if nothing changes…. nothing changes.  And to add fuel to that fire, we repeat what we don’t repair. Here are a couple of questions for you:

Question 1: are you living a purposeful life?
Question 2 : do you know what your purpose is?

Well, the answer lies in your testimony. Your purpose is not something outside you… it’s not something you go out and  find.  It is you, now.  It’s your inner tapestry.  It’s your passion.  It’s what brings you joy.  It’s what lights you up. It’s your intrinsic truth in action.  Whether you are in alignment is the big question.  The answers to the following questions will provide you a hint:  Are you happy? Are you grateful? Do you start your day with an unwavering enthusiasm? Do you believe you are living an abundant life? Do you believe you are living your best life?  Do you strive for good health? Do you have great friendships? Are you productive in your workplace? Do you even like going to work? Are you prosperous? Do you feel harmonized with life or is life a struggle (that is, you experience more than your share of resistance)?

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these 10 questions and you feel there has got to be more to life, then you are stuck.  This is where it all starts and it is the most amazing journey you undergo as you wipe the slate clean and say YES! to fully participating in your life.  This first step puts you back in control with your greatest asset: living your truth.

This is the Year of Yes! and it’s your time. Let’s not go to the grave with the music still in us. It’s time to think big about who you are, and it all starts with a shift in your thinking which will create a shift in perception. That is, how you view the world.

OPEN UP.  You are a magnificent and most remarkable living being capable of many great things. Starting today, I want you to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

Listen, we are our biggest problem, and we are our only solution. Understand that you have the freedom and control to create the life you want. YOU are in  control.

Question: Do you want to be in the same spot a year from now? When my mentor asked me this question, it really hit home because I came to the realization that I had already wasted 5 years of my life wanting, hoping, wishing, trying and not getting anywhere.  That was 2006 and it was the turning point.

That was the year I began my studies in this very material and life today is extraordinary. It shifted my thinking and cleansed my doors of perception. This was my starting point, my springboard to living my truth.

Starting was the hardest part though. In the years prior, I thought I would work through it on my own, but that approach clearly wasn’t working. I think a lot of people make this mistake. I certainly did.

Do I have challenges? Yes, of course. Do I have ups and downs? Yup. Do I experience crippling fear? Yes, of course. The difference now lies in the fact that I am fully aware of how and where to find the power in the struggle. I also understand why I have been challenged with the struggle. This understanding completely displaces the feeling of being victimized and wipes out anger, resentment and anxiety. No more “why me?” BUT “try me!”

If you are ready, I am ready and committed to guide you in your studies. I believe in you and will be your biggest cheerleader throughout your journey! Any program of  study you choose will open you to a world of new possibilities. Make no mistake, there is work to be done however.

The Life You are Seeking is also Seeking You.

Trust yourself just enough to show up and take back control. Trust yourself just enough to
embrace this learning  journey and come out the other side fused in your truth.

How? by really studying yourself. That is, a guided mindful interrogation of the habits and behaviours
that no longer serve you. Because only then can you work on the resurgence of your truth.

It's the "Year of Yes!"  Let's connect. No pressure, just great conversation.