“It’s not who you are that holds you back,
it’s who you think you’re not.”

Hey there!

Those are potent words:  “…it’s who you think you’re not.” Why? Because it affirms that anything you want to be, do and have in life actually has more to do with your THINKING than the obstacles and challenges you perceive and believe are before you.  Perception and, ultimately what we believe can keep us from realizing our financial goals and our greatest dreams and can keep us from living the full and prosperous life that we were designed to experience.

There is more…

Another truth I’ve learned is this: we’ve got  to get out of our own way.  Away from the toxic internal dialogues that fabricate and instill thoughts that are essentially asphyxiating parts of our lives.

Why? because our truth… your truth, your inherent potential and purpose lies buried deep beneath these dialogues and the many layers of conditioning, habitual behaviours, life experiences and beliefs you’ve accepted. If left untamed, there will be a disconnect from your intrinsic truth.

The root to understanding why we are stuck, why we are troubled and how to get where we really want to go in life is to know this: we are our only problem and therefore, our only solution.


STOP searching outside yourself. When we are always looking for more, frustration sets in. You are enough (always have been) and your best is good enough.


There are no secrets to success; there are principles that when understood and applied will change your life forever. What you are seeking is also seeking you.


A 4-step blueprint to creating an immediate shift in self-confidence thereby amplifying your impact.


Imagine ONE synthesized corporate mind. It’s possible through vigilant cultivation of diverse strengths & expertise. A unified environment. Unified service excellence. Unified productivity advancing corporate vision.

Over time, our intrinsic truth becomes  unrecognizable to us. When this happens, we lean in to our external environments for validation, guidance and fulfillment. We operate tethered to our 5 senses: see, hear, smell, taste and touch. But understand this, when we live mostly through our sensory world, we become a plaything to circumstance. It’s a slippery slope. How so? Because you are always reacting to that which the external environment tosses your way.

When you are intertwined in your intrinsic truth however, it’s a whole new experience. YOU stand in your authenticity fused to  your inherent power and from this place, you respond to that which the external environment tosses your way. That is, you are in control.

Trouble is, if we don’t step outside our comfort zones, get out of our way and out from beneath the layers and years of conditioning, we will never truly know our gifts. Where we are and where we want to go becomes a near impossible journey and our dreams, aspirations, talents and abilities lie dormant inside us.

Understand that none of this is about motivation nor is it about inspiration. It is about setting the mind that is, the way you think. It’s about re-framing your thoughts. To experience different you must do different because if nothing changes…. nothing changes.  And guess what? we repeat what we don’t repair.

Question: are you living a life on purpose?
Question: do you know what your purpose is?

Well, the answer lies in your testimony. Are you happy? Are you grateful? Do you wake up with an unwavering enthusiasm that starts your day? Do you believe you are living an abundant life? Do you strive for good health? Do you have great friendships? Are you productive in your workplace? Do you like going to work? Are you prosperous? Are you in harmony with life or is life a struggle? That is, you experience more than your share of resistance. Here is something else to think about: living in a perpetual state of self-reference, incubates and feeds frustration.

Listen, there is more for you. There is more for everyone. It is just that we are not aware.

Seriously, if you are at a point in life where you have felt an intuitive nudge that your daily structure and monotony are no longer serving and stimulating you and feel desensitized in areas of your life, this as an internal feedback mechanism alerting you that you are stuck. Cut-off, frustrated, perplexed, bound.

But somewhere deep in your subconscious, that voice relentlessly gnaws at you to show up as YOU are. To showcase and strut your truth. That voice, are your desires and wants pushing against the restrictions and boundaries we’ve accepted and the result? Immense inner chaos. That dialogue sounds like: “I’m so *&%$@# done!” “I’m so ready for something different!” “My life isn’t working!” “You don’t understand!” “I have had enough!” “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!” “There’s got to be more or a better way!”

And, there is…

This is the Year of Yes! and it’s your time. Let’s not go to the grave with the music still in us. It’s time to think big about who you are, and it all starts with a shift in your thinking and a shift in perception.

Open up. You are a most magnificent and most remarkable living being capable of many great things. Starting today, I want you to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

Listen, we are our biggest problem, and we are our only solution. Understand that you have the freedom and control to create the life you want. You do!

Question: Do you want to be in the same spot a year from now? When my mentor asked me this question, it really hit home because I came to the realization that I had already wasted 5 years of my life wanting, hoping, wishing, trying and not getting anywhere.  That was 2006 and it was the turning point.

That was the year I began my studies in this very material and life today is extraordinary. It shifted my thinking and cleansed my doors of perception. This was my starting point, my springboard to living my truth.

Starting was the hardest part though. In the years prior, I thought I would work through it on my own, but that approach clearly wasn’t working. I think a lot of people make this mistake. I certainly did.

Do I have challenges? Yes, of course. Do I have ups and downs? Yup. Do I experience crippling fear? Yes, of course. The difference now lies in the fact that I am fully aware of how and where to find the power in the struggle. I also understand why I have been challenged with the struggle. This understanding completely displaces the feeling of being victimized and wipes out anger, resentment and anxiety. No more “why me?” BUT “try me!”

If you are ready, I am ready and committed to guide you in your studies. I believe in you and will be your greatest cheerleader throughout your journey! Any program of  study you choose will open you to a world of new possibilities. Make no mistake, there is work to be done however.

Think about it, you are here reading this for a reason.

The life you are seeking is also seeking you. Trust yourself just enough to show up and take back control. Trust yourself just enough to embrace this learning journey and come out the other side fused in your truth.

How? by really studying yourself. That is, a guided mindful interrogation of the habits and behaviours that no longer serve you. Because only then can you work on the resurgence of your truth.

It's the "Year of Yes!"  Let's connect. No pressure, just great conversation.