My Story

My journey began in 2006. A time when my life wasn’t working. I was working a clerical job earning $10.10/hour. I worked with great people, felt secure and was very comfortable. Yet, there was an inquisitive curious side of me that wanted to know why some people appeared to “have it all” while others just got by. I was one of the ones that was barely getting by. I imagined what it might be like to “have it all” but hey, that was pie in the sky on take home of $350.00 per week.

But then, I was presented an opportunity to work with a mentor.  Not long after hearing my story, my mentor said that my way wasn’t working and it was time to try something different.

Well, that brings us to today. I am an International Best-Selling author, an award-winning entrepreneur, a national speaker, REALTOR, a real estate trainer extraordinaire and a THINKING into RESULTS Consultant.

I have worked within the matrix of both Corporate and Government sectors. I have worked in Healthcare. I have worked with start-up and also established private businesses. I have worked in family business and today I am a happy, healthy and wealthy solopreneur.

I have been married to my best friend and the love of my life for 25 years. I ride a Harley. I am adopted and grateful to have an extraordinary Mom, Dad and siblings. I work-out 3-4 days a week. I love animals. I have a mentor and will never be without one… they are invaluable.

Now, I am not telling this to impress you however to impress upon you that any thing is possible.

It is all has to do with awareness. Our thinking.

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