What’s Included:

To go where you want and to get out of life what you want, you’ve got to interpret your story and unpack your fears to expose your shadows and spotlight your strengths. It’s the grit, the grind and grace of introspection. But most people don’t want to do the work. That is why they are stuck in life. Why they continue to gain weight.

Why they continue struggling financially. Why they are stuck in jobs they despise despite their best efforts to change. The 42-page Enneagram report you receive at the start of your journey is a science-based, sense-making tool that answers the question: who am I really, what really matters and how can I create the lasting change in myself and in my life? The Enneagram provides deep insight into your motivations, limiting beliefs, anxieties and hidden fears.  Listen, there is power in identity and knowing your truth… will set you free.


Human connection is what we do best therefore, you get 6 months of weekly online community access with others from around the globe that are also living their “Year of Yes!”.

This is the platform where we examine, scrutinize and eliminate the obstacles that are standing in our way through support, encouragement and community inspiration. This is an ESSENTIAL component to the program and it coincides with the work that you do in your workbook. These calls are recorded so you can access the replays.


Building on our high-touch, human connection, you will also have 6 months access to a once-per-month online community group zoom with like-minded people that share your Enneagram style and who are there to cheer you on.

We will heighten discussion on goals, life and coping strategies, wins and collectively inspire and empower each other as we share a core truth through our type. Never will you be with a group of people that will understand you more than in these sessions. Truly liberating!


Spotlight BONUS Sessions: Have a question? Need a little focused attention to get through a rough patch? Maybe you want to share your win with the group. These one-hour “spotlight” online sessions will consist of 4-15 minute blocks for “Year of Yes!” program members and will be scheduled as the need arises.


You will receive LIFETIME access to the Thinking into Results digital program and a digital PDF workbook including MP3 recordings and video for an immersive learning journey.

Over the span of 6 months, are 12 lessons that combine writing activities, introspection and the creation of a blueprint to help you transform your life into one of meaning and purpose. Understanding your personality type creates the confidence necessary to guide you through your “Year of Yes!” No more “not enoughness” syndrome, no more frustration, short falls and no more elusive goals. Just, your life lived right.

with Daphne Shepherd

Duration: 24 week process

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