Daphne Shepherd

Duration: 24 week process

You have tried to make changes in the past, without success. You want more out of life, but it’s been elusive and just beyond your reach yet you clearly see it. Something inside you is stirring and probably has been for quite some time but you keep putting it on the back shelf for “some day.” Then another month, another year, another birthday, maybe three years goes by and you still feel it.

Well, it’s the “YEAR of YES” and it’s your time. Time to embrace that big idea, that stirring within, that burning desire. Because you and I both know, it’s not going away. It’s time to saddle up and make every moment count starting now. Time to embrace the life you know you have always wanted to live but fear, uncertainly, resources, outside opinions and circumstances have stifled your pursuit. Good news is this: we are responsible for our own thinking, our own speaking, our own actions, our own results and that fear you feel, the outside opinions and past conditioning have no power to hold you. That’s right, no power. None. Nada.

Comforting to know that we are in complete control. Seriously. Now, that idea might sound a little foreign possibly superficial yet, intriguing doesn’t it? I mean, what if? Take a moment and just imagine that. Seriously, what would your life look like? How is it that you want your life to look 90 days from now? A year from now? What is it that you want to experience in this life?

Well, I can say with confidence this: your circumstances cannot change until you develop a state of mind that will produce a change. For many who have tried in the past, the failure of not advancing lies in their unwillingness to assume responsibility for their unsatisfactory conditions. Their reluctance. Simply not knowing.

There is a great treasure within each of us however our “inheritance” of this treasure cannot be fulfilled without understanding and without a shift in our conscious awareness. I can tell you from experience that it is a magnificent day in life when we recognize that our struggles are not with the world rather with ourselves. That conflict is dissolved when we realize that the adjustment must take place first in our minds rather than in our environments. We are in control.

So, stop trying to change your world by force. Force negates.

Think about it… when we are always searching and trying to control our environments, we fatigue. It’s a struggle. So stop. Understand that what you are seeking is also seeking you. So why then can’t we connect? 

Well, our environments have muted parts of us, desensitized us. Muted by exposure to the daily grind we endure. You know, responsibilities and the environmental/cultural and genetic conditioning we are hemmed to.

Do you know that the only difference between a life more abundant and a life less abundant is a wrong perspective? We determine the life we live by the trend of our subjective thoughts. Again, we are in control.

 That bring us to this point.

Your responsibility is this: simply hold an idea of where you see yourself, where you want to be and what you want to experience 6 months from now.

My responsibility is this: to show you the way. How? work alongside you through the THINKING into RESULTS curriculum that is specifically designed around you, for you.

It’s time to grow. It’s time for a new perspective if you’re not getting what you want. It’s time for a transformational shift that will align you to that internal pull (desire/want) that keeps nudging you. A shift so powerful that coupled with a fresh perspective and new behaviours, will initiate a positive chain of events both personally and professionally.

Simply holding an idea will not get you anywhere. Will this year be your YEAR of YES?

If you’re ready to create meaningful change, let’s connect to see if THINKING into RESULTS curriculum might be a good fit for you. No pressure, just great conversation.

Daphne Shepherd

Duration: 24 week process

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