Best-Selling Author, YEAR of YES! Academy Empowerment Leader and iEQ9 Enneagram Practitioner. This 4-module online Masterclass is an experience unlike anything you have ever done before. Listen, isn’t it YOUR time to get the most out of your life? Understand that right now in this moment, you are both possibility and potential. That you deserve and can have the very best. So, don’t settle for what you think you can get because there is so much more in store for you and this will be revealed to you in this Masterclass. Your truth shall set you free! Mark today as the start of your ‘YEAR of YES!”

By the conclusion of this masterclass, you will have a crystal-clear vision on how to achieve the things you really want in life. It’s much closer than you think but understand this, understanding precedes change.

Divided into 4 modules with accompanying workbook this masterclass is educating, enlightening, and empowering. Are you ready to disrupt and open new pathways of thinking about who you are? Are you ready for a shift in perspective that will ultimately change your vista?

“It’s an Inside Job” starts by exposing 3 TRUTHS about you. Once you know these, you will have the foundation to overthrow self limiting beliefs, fears and, habits that are holding you back keeping you from the life you desire.  You’ll walk away with your chin up and your crown on.  Your “YEAR of YES!” starts today with this masterclass that is infused with thought provoking exercises and YES!, even some dancing!

This workshop is about YOU. It explores the possibilities and potential that you are right now. Possibility and potential that are resident in you now.  Only with this awareness can you crack the code and utilize the key components of your mindset that will drive success, maximize opportunities for you, lead to breakthroughs and unblock trapped potential. 


The end result? An indepth understanding of the internal environment that is animating everything you do and what you are experiencing in your current reality.

A journey approximately only 3% of the population explore.

Immediate access to online workshop. 

$395.00  USD

per person

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